I am a business coach. I help successful business owners and executives.

I guide them to become better leaders and I coach them to be more productive, more confident and less stressed. I enable them to achieve better work life balance, develop a more effective team, improve their financials and, in some case, plan their transition or exit strategy. In doing all of this, I help executives achieve extra-ordinary results.

I’ve held C-level leadership positions in sales, marketing, and operations in a variety of organizations from startups to $500 million corporations.  I grew one company from $21 million to more than $120 million in two and a half years and I’ve been part of positioning 3 organizations for sale and/or successful additional financing. I have extensive experience in strategic planning and, in particular, helping organizations see the big picture of where they want to go and then translating that to a plan that starts with “What do we need to do tomorrow to make that happen?”

I act as a motivator, cheerleader, sounding board and an “accountability czar” to help leaders be the best they can be.

Want to be an extra-ordinary leader? Let me help you find your “extra”!

Extra confident

Extra fun

Extra visionary

Extra competent

Extra successful

Extra resilient

Extra focused

Extra accountable

Extra amazing! 

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